UGH! Random Sunday followed by achy Monday.

Okay world, be gentle with me as i am little ‘fragile’ (i’ll explain in more detail shortly)
Okay, first proper bloggy-posty thing.
*deep breath*
The plague is at my home!! My beautiful wife and awesome son are under the grips of what could be callled ‘a bloody good case of flu’
Yesterday we had to brave Hoth in the Mother-in-Law’s car because our little man was running a fever and just lay there. The twinkle in his eyes was there but it wasnt our son. So, after giving the same symptoms speech 3 times, they booked us into a walk-in center. Off we went (after some frozen passenger door persuasion) in the mighty Yaris. It was like a diet version of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’
3 speeders and an AT-AT later we arrived at the Phoenix Center. Our appointment was at 9-20, the place was pretty full. Mainly kids with the same thing as my boy 😦 poor buggers.

The TV in view in the waiting area was on ITV.
David Suchet was touring on the Orient Express: Venice, my son showed interest at the strange floating houses and boats, he loves the sea so he was absorbed by the buildings on water. We chatted with a few people, asked when there appointment was and then it happened, the most funny/awkward moment via the medium of television. A room full of kids, a muslim majority and the start of the movie ‘Attonement’
The mens eyes were transfixed as Keira Nightleigh got penetrated by James Mcavoy in the Library…

Out of nowhere, a Mo Mowlam clone rushed to the TV. She couldnt reach the Ch+ button on the side, I chivalrously pressed the little grey bugger – Father Tedd, bliss. Eventually we got seen to and arrived home at 12:10 AM through some bloody dense freezing fog.

My wife is almost out of the woods and my boy is still poorly with fluids, calpol, linctus and love to help him out. And now im here on an airbed (wife and son have the bed), aching, snotted up and touching this on my phone. Bleh, thanks for reading.

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